Month: January 2020

Oak Island’s Visible Historic Shipwreck

The Civil War Blockade Runner “Bendigo” can be seen at low tide off of Oak island’s “The Point” which is the Westernmost edge of the island. The Bendigo rests in the shallows, off shore, just East of the main channel of the Lockwoods Folly Inlet. The Bendigo ran aground on the sandbar in the early […]

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Charlie is Retiring

We really don’t like goodbyes. Seriously, we hate them. Our beloved team member, Charlie, has retired from Oak Island Water Rescue. He gave us this gift at our Christmas party last month, and we won’t miss him at all. He is basically a bum, not good for anything really, and served mostly to slow us […]

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Saying Farewell to Carl

We are saddened to have to say farewell to one of our finest, Carl. He and his family are leaving the Oak Island area to assist family members in Maryland and we will certainly miss them all. In case you didn’t know, Carl was responsible for nearly all the posts on the Oak Island Water […]

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